comprehensive video marketing expertise

Video captures the hearts and imaginations of your target audience unlike any other medium:

To support your video marketing goals, we provide everything from concept to completed videos, including scripts and interview guides, on-location scouting and shooting, 后期制作编辑, 配音, b - roll, 音乐的床, 和动画. 和, 作为医疗品牌, marketing and advertising experts, we ensure your videos integrate seamlessly with your brand, your creative campaigns and your core messaging.

Our video marketing 团队 has the technology, experience and versatility to capture just the right scenes for your stories. Whether we are shooting on rooftops, helipads or high-speed bike rides (yes, we’ve done all that!), or in more everyday settings like parks, 社区, shops and businesses – including hospitals, clinics and corporate headquarters – it is our mission to deliver high-quality videos that capture your story and connect with your audience.

  • 品牌国歌视频
  • Patient and consumer success stories
  • Physician and employee profiles
  • 教育视频
  • Product/service demonstrations
  • 视频博客和更多

At 杜比环绕声系统健康营销, we share your passion for video storytelling because it is an integral part of building brand awareness, nurturing brand loyalty, generating leads and inspiring action. We can also assist with sharing your video, not only on your website (which is great for 搜索引擎优化), but also via paid and organic 社交媒体营销. When it comes to engaging video content, our experts will put everything into focus for you.

video marketing that makes a difference

Enjoy the video samples below and 韦德注册登录ios版 today to explore how we can support your next audio-visual project:

Heart4Heroes & Corona Country: Solving the PPE Crisis 在美国乡村

Corona Country: Solving the PPE Crisis 在美国乡村

Behind the Scenes of "Corona Country: Solving the PPE Crisis 在美国乡村"

The Making of Corona Country: 激情 & 目的

video in the age of social distancing

Right now, the opportunity to engage others through video is greater than ever. Our video production 团队 works collaboratively, efficiently and cost-effectively to transform today’s connectivity challenges into communication opportunities. 与我们联系 to explore these and other options for creating timely, compelling videos in today’s social distancing environment:

Remote video interviews

Feature your company leadership or specific 团队 members

Using our own video conferencing tools, our 团队 remotely conducts and records a video conference with each individual you wish to feature. We complete all 后期制作编辑 to align with your marketing and communication objectives, including stock or existing b - roll footage and background music if applicable. (video length: 30-120 seconds)

Do-it-yourself video capture

Captured with your smartphone camera, edited by our video experts

Record the video subject in motion (moving around the space they are in). When you are finished recording, send all your raw footage to our video production 团队 for expert editing and other enhancements, such as stock b - roll and music if applicable. (video length: 30-120 seconds)


Leverage existing assets to create new videos very quickly

Using existing video and still photography assets as well as stock video options, we produce videos with compelling, brand-appropriate messaging and imagery. Options for messaging include voiceover (your voice or hired talent) or text on screen with music background, with scripts provided by our content marketing experts. (video length: 30-120 seconds)


Produce webcasts and webinars

For everything from look and feel to technical setup, we can assist you and your 团队 with creating and streaming live video content, 例如实时Q&A streamed from your YouTube channel, 脸谱网 page, etc. (video length: up to one hour).

与我们联系 to explore video marketing today.

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